Sacral Chakra Music - Svadhisthana - Powerful Sacral Chakra Meditation Music, Spiritual Music

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The concept of the chakra (or cakra) appears to originate from the Vedas. According to these beliefs, it is an energy center in the etheric body. There are many different chakra systems, but the most popular is composed of 7 primary chakras. It is traditionally believed that the chakras represent systems that interact with the body's biological processes.

The sacral chakra or Svadhisthana is the second chakra and is located below the navel. The sacral chakra's primary psychological aspects are emotional, relationships, desire, connection, communication, creativity.

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Neural entrainment is the theory that our brains have a tendency to synchronize themselves to external stimulation, which could include auditory, visual, tactile, or electromagnetic stimuli. The average human brain contains approximately 80+ billion neurons that communicate to form our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. When our neurons communicate in mass, it produces a synchronized electrical pulse known as a brainwave. With the use of neural entrainment, our brainwaves can align with these auditory stimuli. As a result, we can stimulate our neurons and brains in ways that could positively affect our psychology and physiology. This video induces a combination of Delta and Theta waves.

— Delta waves are the slowest of all and are defined as having a frequency range between 0-4 Hz. We experience these waves naturally when we are in the deepest of sleep or meditative states. These brainwaves send signals throughout the body to stimulate healthy neurochemistry and, as a result, are vital in the maintenance of psychological well-being.

— Theta waves are faster than Delta waves and range between 4 - 8 Hz. We experience these waves when sleeping or during deep meditation. These waves are the "twilight" state normally experienced between waking and falling asleep. They are commonly experienced in the NREM sleep stage. They are beneficial for meditation, learning, memory, sub-conscious organization, intuitive thinking, and trance states. It induces a feeling of a "dream-like" state. These waves are important for memory consolidation, the maintenance of psychological well-being. When used properly, Theta waves can offer a sense of interface with parts of the mind responsible for subconscious reprogramming. The ideation that takes place during this state bypasses natural brain filters. Individuals may experience a flow state when their brains are producing or synchronized to these waves.

Please take the time to properly adjust your volume to a low and comfortable level. For optimal results, you should listen to this while resting with your eyes closed. Headphones are recommended but not required.

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